The world is incredibly complex, and requires an enormous amount of education, mathematics, science, philosophy, economics, logic, biology, and every other field of thought to truly appreciate just how much we don’t know. We don’t know what exact effects of any policy change will be, or climate change, or how to handle foreign policy, or the best security measure, or the fastest computer, the most effective form of government, the cure to cancer, quickest diet.

But of all these things, I posit the most tragic is the dark field of learning. We don’t know how to engage people in wanting to learn about the world, wanting to shed their biases, wanting to become educated for the pure and simple sake of wanting to know more. Scientists and Mathematicians don’t ask tough questions and explore bizarre and abstract facets of our lives just because. They are actively trying to expand what humanity knows because they understand we need to know these things, even when we aren’t immediately sure why.

There should be no shame to ask a question, want to learn more, want to reach out, or verify claims. Its never too late to learn about something you “missed”. The process of learning needs to be slow and deliberate. Taken steps at a time and with great consideration. But it is rewarding. It is truly inspiring to connect seemingly disparate fields of knowledge, to map real world phenomenon to mathematical expressions, epiphanies as the understanding of a philosophy of a field causes great shifts in how information is perceived and ingested.

The difficulty in compacting this post to cover such a complex topic on its own, condensing it into a format most likely to be understood, read, and accepted among my friends on Facebook, was an arduous task. How do I convince you of the vastness of what we do and do not know, when I myself don’t know? How might I best transmit this idea when I am confounded by the difficulty of translating to written communication? I had written and deleted entire paragraphs just to keep this humble argument, well, humble.

Given the near impossibility in that alone, how can we ever begin to truly expand ourselves as a people? Perhaps with small steps in exploring the universe for what it is.