Allow me to describe for you a creature. This creature has no physical form or shape. This creature has a heart from which its passions are sourced. It has no brain and only a kind of distant short-term memory. Its a kind of aggregation, but with no purpose.

This creature is dangerous. It is pervasive yet unpresent. This creature is relatively young and has grown tremendously in import and size recently.

Most curiously, however, this creature has a wide grasp, and sweeps huge arcs with its many extremities as it flails madly to smash or grab whatever its heart demands of it. It has many sensory organs, which try to feel out the truth to the universe it inhabits, but without a brain to make sense of it all, the organs themselves are largely useless.

These organs are usually unable to accurately decipher the truth of their environment, either. They try with great fervor, but are biased by their relative location to the heart, and are more strongly motivated the larger the artery they are fed.

This creature has a name, of sorts. Its called the democratization of information. This creature feeds on data, and information, and facts, and truths, and lies, and half-truths, and untold truths like a behemoth. Its sensory organs are you: the individual. You are the only kind of intelligence this creature posses; but you are loosely coordinated with other, or even neighboring, sensory organs, or other individuals. All individuals are part of this creature.

The sensory organs can only provide minor and weak signals, which quickly fade from the creature’s short memory. Large bursts of sensory input cause jerks in motion, as if the creature were suddenly shocked into action. But the heart is left unchanged; going with the flow as much as it attempts to alter its own course.

This creature can have no master, as it would perish under the weight of its suppressed heart’s desires. But it can be guided, even if only temporarily, by its sensory organs which provide meaningful bursts of input. The creature’s current behaviors are from bundles of individual sense organs providing inconsistent input of its environment, misguiding the heart down the path of self-destruction.

For the democratization of information, its freedoms and its sheer force of value to be realized and guarded against its heart’s mad desires, you, the individual, the sense organ, must provide an accurate representation and input for the information space around you. To do so otherwise, would create a creature for which the powerful interests would attempt to distract, to sabotage, to usurp, to restrict, to pacify. Do not let this creature be its own downfall. No sense organ is ignored, but no sense organ has any more power than the other. The individual is as much responsible as the whole; for otherwise no such creature could exist.