I resisted adopting a blog for a variety of reasons, but the most important to me was being able to see what I had previously written and write a reflection piece. This was one for which Facebook was poor at being able to do. It wasn’t obvious how to keep them all in one place in Facebook to make searching for them easy, or how to link to a previous post for readers to provide context.

I much prefer personal interactions when dealing with complex topics, as I feel it leads to improved understanding and context for the individuals involved. Facebook provided enough of that to create interactions which stimualted further thinking and to get me to reconsider my original posts. But, I feel like I can still accomplish that by copying post content into my FB along with a link, so my friends and groups can choose their preferred content style, but comment in a personal manner.

I like writing deep pieces, where I explore concepts, improve my critical thinking and analysis skills, and in general try to improve my writing and prose. I think these are valuable skills to hold regardless of one’s outlook for life, and skills for which I think are deeply individually enriching.

I wanted to utilize an existing platform for blogging. Static sites were the only option I wanted to bother with, as I have no desire to manage comment sections, advertising, accounts, databases, or other complexities. I considered self-hosting on S3/CloudFront, Medium for its well-established identity as a trusted and tried platform, and Github Pages. I found Github pages most easily fit a workflow I wanted to use, and would give me the flexibilty of formatting and freedom of expression that Medium wouldn’t quite be able to provide without the hassle of AWS.

To that end, along with many other minor reasons, I have adopted this blog. I will be importing my previous posts here as well as writing new pieces. My previous posts range in breadth from personal tragedies, political science, to general philosophical and self-questioning pieces. I plan to stick to this for the most part, but will likely expand into writing about my experiences in game development and other topics of interest. I make no promises to the reader, other than I try to keep my posts in-depth and interesting in and of themselves.