Conspiracy theories are great.

But, what if the real conspiracy is all the conspiracies themselves, to prevent the public from ever learning the truth about anything?

But that would be absurd. I mean, at least one conspiracy has to be true, right? But which one? And, if more than one, is there some greater conspiracy at work? If not, does that mean that every conspiracy theory has more likelihood of being true, by virtue of anything potentially being a conspiracy? And what of the conspirators themselves, do they not benefit from an environment in which many conspiracy theories exist? It would certainly make their job easier for perpetrating misinformation and preventing the truth from ever arising.

Which has us coming back full circle at the most horrifying conspiracy of them all: All conspiracy theories might actually be true, because everyone never wants the greatest truth to be discovered: that we know nothing for certain at all.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to George Orwell. George Orwell, meet the public, who isn’t certain if you exist or not, but will strongly consider it in the upcoming Skeptics Meeting.