Piddling along and centuries passed, humanity wondered
Could the stars Beyond home ever be within reach?
Magneto-plasma rockets and thorium reactors just not enough
Not enough to reach out

At last, the ceremony was announced
From Mercury to the moons of Jupiter, all was captivated
By a single broadcast
A single hope realized in material form

A grand project and massive scale, no expense spared
What couldn’t be beyond our grasp?
A 15 kilometer solar array in geo-orbit above Mercury
To absorb a mighty but minuscule offering from our diligent Sun

This golden-bright shell of heat and light
Converted to antimatter in tiny amounts
Fired from electromagnetic turrets towards Earth
Captured and stored in magnetic traps for fuel

New ship designs and plans to distant worlds, quickly realized
No longer content, why might we stay here?
The universe was within reach
Humanity looked outwards no longer envious, but determined

Looking back upon our humble home system
Gazing upon the night sky, a clear view of Mercury
A captivating sight like no other
A physical manifestation of will

Linking Humanity and its destiny
A shimmering pearl necklace, of cosmic scale?
Yes; A faint strand of occasional bright flashes, energy released
Dust and micrometeorites chancing into packets of antimatter

As Humanity’s future burns brighter, so, too, does its oysters